What Do You Want To Do With Your Life?

fellsroadI sent this posting (with minor changes) to a few close friends almost a year ago, and I’m posting it here now because it still feels true to me, still describes the path I am on, and I want to remind myself.

It’s a useful exercise, asking “who or what do I want to be?” If you want more inspiration to dream, ponder, craft a response, try these sites: 43 Things: What Do You Want To Do With Your Life? ; “Mondo Beyondo” at Superhero Journal (scroll down for lists); growabrain’s links to lists, some silly, some serious: Things To Do Before You Die.

My short list of what I want to do with my life, right now:

  • subvert the dominant rivalrous paradigm, starting with my own actions and perceptions; live eternally now
  • let myself be open to loving intimate connection, and let the rest go
  • revel in sensuality
  • be conscious, awake, aware
  • organise my photos [in process!]
  • let creativity be expressed through me: put together a show of my photos? own a mystery bookshop? create complex cryptic crossword puzzles? garden extravagantly? journal and/or blog wildly? cut and paste and make collages? dance and cartwheel on the beach? scribble poetry every day? take a photo every day? make snow angels and other creatures? let sex be even more of an adventure? randomly send oddly appropriate gifts to people I don’t know? scatter colour and texture and pattern into the world; or ?
  • read more poetry, aloud
  • explore and experiment; follow the path of curiosity lit by love for all
  • be receptive to magic, beauty, resonance, evocation, luminosity, vibrancy
  • learn to identify and know bird songs and birds, plants and trees, shells, mushrooms, stars and constellations
  • listen for and seek the mystery, the grace, the shadow; explore “the territory beyond the horizon of virtue” (Thomas Moore)
  • offer to self and others and Earth what is needed
  • be patient with all that is unresolved in my heart (Rainer Maria Rilke)

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