A couple of prayers or meditations that I do regularly and recommend for their focusing qualities:

I. The Metta or Loving-Kindness Prayer Practice from Buddhism

fisheddytreesSit down, quiet your mind, and beginning with yourself, say:

May I be free from fear.
May I be free from suffering.
May I be happy.
May I be filled with loving-kindness.

Next, focus on someone you love and say the same prayer on that person’s behalf.

Then pray in the same way for a neutral person, someone you don’t know.

Finally, pray for someone you dislike. In doing so, you nourish the seeds of kindness and love in yourself and then let it radiate outward.

This meditation helps me take the first step in loving both my neighbour and my enemy as myself; and it reminds me that compassion comes from absence of fear and suffering, and that compassion brings with it absence of fear and suffering.

II. This is how I begin most mornings, and I often repeat it throughout the day as a way to center myself:

O God [or Universe, or Soul of all Souls],

Grant me grace and strength

That I may be well within my own soul

And part of the world’s healing


I adapted this from a morning prayer in the Queer Book of Hours on the website of the Metropolitan Community Church in San Francisco. It reminds me that there is grace; that my strength is not mine and that I don’t have to muster strength but simply accept the grace that is available; that my own wellness is good, and a starting place for the world’s healing; and that I am called to actively participate in healing in whatever situations I encounter, each day.


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