Everything Belongs redux

medium_everythingrohr.jpgI recently read Richard Rohr’s Everything Belongs: The Gift of Contemplative Prayer and posted some related notes and quote online (but they’re gone now – 2/2009). Now John Chandler at some strange ideas is going to post his thoughts on the book.

12/28 update: John’s posted his first set of comments on Everything Belongs. And his second. And his third.

12/29 update: More comments from John. And more.

12/30 update: More Rohr today. And more. Includes Rohr’s comment:

“The greatest barrier to the next level of conscience or consciousness is our comfort and control at the one we are at now.”


“Don’t you feel good when you’ve solved problems at the end of the day? We say to ourselves, ‘I’m an effective, productive, efficient human being. I’ve earned my right to existence today because I’ve solved ten problems.’ I do want us to solve problems; certainly there are plenty out there to solve. But not too quickly. We mustn’t lead with our judgments and fears. We shouldn’t lead with our need to fix and solve problems. This is the agenda-filled calculating mind that cannot see things through God’s eyes. We must not get rid of the anxiety until we have learned what it wants to teach us.”

12/31 update: And even more Rohr.


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