What To Do Today

People are just endlessly fascinating / I wish I had thought of this first!

This Blog Will Change Your Life is a chronicle of a “year-long adventure following the daily instructions presented in This Book Will Change Your Life by Benrik Limited as closely as possible without getting arrested or dying.” Every day this guy attempts to do the activity listed in the book he cites, with varying process and results …

For instance, Sunday’s task was: “Today throw away an apple core in the park. Mark the spot well, and come back in 20 years’ time to see your apple tree.

Here’s how it went: “It was 24 degrees; the ground was frozen. My core bounced when it hit the ground. I tried stomping it, but just made a mush on my shoe. I marked it with two sticks, to form an “X”. When I came back later in the day a goose was eating the remains. I am not going to bother to come back again.”

Previously: On 2 Jan. 2006, he shopped at a different food store — “I received no affirmation from the products, atmosphere, or staff that I was a better person for shopping at Jewel like I do at Whole Foods. It was as if Jewel was saying to me, ‘Here’s a bunch of products, some of which you need and many of which you don’t. Pick the ones you want, buy them, and go’ whereas Whole Foods always seems to say, ‘Welcome friend. Try some organic guacamole. Look at all our fresh items and expensive weird brands who make a point to be politically correct but may not always taste good. Know, shopper, in your heart, that because you shop here, you are making the world a better place and people should look up to you for it.’ I guess I just need that affirmation from my grocer.”

[Thanks, J-Walk]


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