Crime Novel Quotes – The Grave Maurice

gravemauricecoverExcerpts from Martha Grimes’ The Grave Maurice (2002):

“It didn’t surprise Melrose to hear Vernon Rice say he was ‘shaking up a bunch of Manhattans‘ in a silver-plated cocktail shaker. Melrose hadn’t seen one of those since his parents’ parties. The Ryders were no strangers to the midday drink, that was sure. He wondered if they were alcoholics. He wondered — more to the point — if he was.” p.119


“‘Don’t tell anyone,’ said Vernon, ‘because its sounds macabre, but I’ve always wanted to live in the States during the thirties.’

“‘But that was the Depression. Did you also want to live in Spain during the Inquisition?'” p. 120


“Melrose opened his mouth to argue, as if he were really serious about this horse business, realized he wasn’t, and closed his mouth. One could be convinced at times one’s lies were the truth.” p. 124


“No matter how self-deprecating Melrose could be, Momaday could deprecate him even more.” p. 145


“No one ever got fired at Ardry End. His father, of course, left ‘all of that domestic nonsense’ up to Melrose’s mother, who couldn’t even fire a mouse. Indeed, Melrose had come upon her one day, kneeling by a hole in the study baseboard, shoving something into a hole. Embarrassed she’d been caught out, she blushed and said, ‘It’s just a bit of cheese. I don’t think they eat properly.'” p. 239


“They stood side by side in silence for a long time, not speaking. Then Jury saw one of the foals leave the line and run for several yards, then another foal, and then one of the mares. And after that it was like an ice slide, ice calving, glaciers tumbling into the sea.

“At least it seemed to Jury as extraordinary as that. As if someone had actually waved a wand and broken a spell and raised them from their sad and anxious sleep; first one, then another and another of the mares were running, manes and tails flying, running for what was surely joy.” p. 373


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