Fry and Laurie

Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie
Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie

If you aren’t familiar with the comedy stylings of (Stephen) Fry & (Hugh) Laurie, and you don’t feel like buying the DVD set now available in the U.S., check out their performances on YouTube:

Hugh Laurie singing “Mystery” (“Estu’ry … I live in a houseboat on an estu’ry … which is handy for my work with the Thames Water Authority …”)   If you like this, you’ll like “America” (“the States … the States … the States …”)  And a semi-song about a vision of Britain (“I see a country peopled … with people …”  “A Britain of amusement and amenity fun…”)

Language Conversation (“We all of us spend all our days saying to each other the same things time after weary time: I love you, don’t go in there, get out, you have no right to say that, stop it, why should I, that hurt, help, Marjorie is dead.”)   Script

John and Peter try damn-it-to-hell-and-back hard to save Derwent Enterprises from Marjorie’s unobvious claws  (“How did you manage to keep Nancy for so long?” “I’ve never been nancy, John.”  …. “You have a daughter, I believe.” “Yeah, Henrietta.” “Did he, did he? I’m sorry to hear that. That must have hurt, that must have hurt like hell on a jet-ski.” … “Relax, John, it’s still early.” “Yeah, but it’s not gonna stay early for long.”)

Major Donaldson interrogated by Friedrich about the invasion of Normandy (“Oh, that accent, it’s so dreamy, you could bathe in it”)   Script

There are scripts available online for most of the sketches, including some I can’t find clips for, such as Haircut [found clip here] and Jewellry [it’s here], which contain some of their best lines, and Dinner with Digby [and it’s here]


[Links updated Jan. 2009]


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