Or Give Me Death: Obituary Resources

A small collection of obituary resources:

  • The Blog of Death lists obituaries of note, which is not quite the same as obituaries of people of note. These tend to be interesting obituaries, sometimes of people unknown to most of us.
  • Caskets on Parade is a large database of obituaries, browsable and searchable by name, date of death, age at death, place of death, and cause of death, as well as separate databases of Academy Award Winners, Famous Animals, Fictional People, Monarchs, Nobel Prize Winners, Playboy Playmates of the Month, victims of the World Trade Center Destruction, and so on. Also includes a Pre-Mortum database.
  • Dead or Alive is one of several sites that try to answer the question, “Isn’t s/he dead?” Useful lists here are Died on this Date, Died in the last 6 months, Died Before Age 30, People Alive Over 85, Lived to 100, and browsing categories such as field, gender, and cause of death. Also offers a list of famous people who died in 2006.
  • Dead People Server also lists those “not dead yet” as well as “interesting celebrities who are long dead or newly dead. … DPS tells you who has really Rung Down the Curtain and Joined the Choir Invisible, and who’s Just Resting. To help the terminally confused, I’ve built a Quash Those Death Rumors page.”
  • Legacy Matters, which summarises and provides links to interesting deaths. Some are famous, some not. Highly readable.
  • Corpus Obscurum: Remembering Those Whose Accomplishments Vastly Exceeded Their Fame. Recent deaths include “Burning Love” and “Goodbye Earl” songwriter Dennis Linde, Mexican-American rights activist John Gonzales, World Council of Churches organizer Robert Bilheimer, and the writer of “Yes, We Have Bananas” and 500 more Carnival songs, Braguinha. Sources are cited and the entries are usually highly linked.
  • Tributes, which offers news about deaths; they’re fun-to-read (if they’re not your loved ones)
  • Daily lists of obituaries of prominent people (it’s a relative term) are offered at Obituaries 101.com, an obituary news feed that’s continuously updated.
  • Legacy.com has sections listing American service members lost in Afghanistan and Iraq and those lost on September 11, 2001, and also lists famous people who’ve died.

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