Time to Wait at Intersections

From a post at Grow Mercy :
“We are an angry bunch. This is an angry generation. We seethe. We hate spasmodically. We have scorn seizures. We curse within and we murmur audibly and beneath our breath. …

We conceal most of it, but occasionally — for some more often — it catches us in an instant and we find ourselves in the grip of an incendiary fit. The place for healthy venting having been lost.

“Our desires twist us around their fingers. Our communal experiences are shallow. Violence is contagious, air-born, even recreational.

“We have few models to counter all this. … We need to find our models beyond our ‘leaders.’ …

“We need to receive our lives back through a renewing of our desires…a reordering of desire through the eyes of someone without envy or rivalry. We need to open ourselves to someone with lots of time to wait at intersections.


A happy marriage is the union of two good forgivers.– Ruth Bell Graham, Billy Graham’s wife. And maybe a happy world is similarly comprised.


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