Author Interview: Peter Robinson


Interview at the CBC of my current favourite writer of crime fiction, Peter Robinson. (Stephen King’s favourite, too!) The interview isn’t earth-shattering but Robinson does comment briefly on a common foundation for many a crime novel, and many behaviours in real life, too: About his latest in the Alan Banks series, Friend of the Devil, he says that what’s intriquing about “the obsessive power of vengeance” is “that it can last so long and become so all consuming. What could be a more powerful subject for a crime novel? Wounds and slights, no matter how mundane, can fester for years, so it should be no surprise that more serious attacks can bring about obsessions that later lead to violence and murder.”

Interesting to me that one of the few literary influences Robinson names is Flaubert, one of the handful of authors whose exploration of human nature, and the patterns of human nature, led Rene Girard to his theory of mimetic desire.

(via Confessions)


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