What I Did and Didn’t Do – Preamble

Yesterday, I thought I did nothing. Nothing worth the while, nothing to reflect on, nothing ‘good.’ I probed that, feeling that I had done something, and something worthwhile, even if it was nothing that fit the cultural and partially internalised rubric of worthiness, and came up with this list of what I chose to do (and what I chose not to do):

I slept late because I was tired from dreaming.

I listened to some of Morning Edition on NPR.

I made the bed.

I watered house plants and hanging plants.

I clicked on the Animal Rescue site and all the other rescue sites.

I read and responded to email, including listservs. I read my feeds via Bloglines several times during the day.

I entered the HGTV “Green Home” sweepstakes, as I do every day (until this Friday).

I did two loads of ‘dog’ laundry (her blankets, bedding, etc.) and a load of dishes.

I reconciled the checkbook with the bank account online.

I made a batch of brown rice for the dog.

I moved money from a sweep account at an online brokerage into a mutual fund there.

I did minor research of a house for sale in town (pure curiosity).

I took photos in the garden and watched the robins build their nest. I looked for the snake but didn’t find it. I put the photos online at my Flickr account.

I weeded the yard/garden.

I stroked the neighbour’s cat in my garden, while I was digging dirt, and I kept my dog, who was sunning herself on the deck, from attacking the cat. (It was rather dramatic and required strategy.)I planted lettuce and arugula in containers on the deck.

I tracked down and printed a cookie recipe (but didn’t make it).I imitated the seagulls’ cries.

I wrote two blog entries for my ‘work’ blog.

I didn’t do any editing of my ‘work’ website, other than the blog.

I didn’t write an author’s profile though I have the notes for it. I didn’t edit another author’s profile, though she sent me edits.

I swept the kitchen and hallway.

I listened to the Rev. Jeremiah Wright taking questions at the National Press Club on NPR (missed the first part).

I blogged here.

I spent 10 minutes trying to figure out what to wear for a walk outside.

I took a walk downtown and did a few errands. I bought a heavy item and carried it home because I knew my spouse would appreciate it. (compassion, or earning merit?)

I bought a small gift for a friend.

I rehearsed fantasy (un)conversations in my head.

I took a half-hour online Harris survey that involved determining our net worth (omitting real estate) and exactly what percentages of it are in what kinds of investments.

I did my daily half-hour weights and stretching workout.I watched bits of “Red Green,” sports talk shows, “What Not To Wear,” “House Hunters,” and “It’s Me or the Dog,” amounting to about an hour of TV. I taped “House MD” to watch later.

I didn’t watch any Kentucky Derby coverage because it made me sad and angry. I signed a letter online via PETA concerning horse-racing (I amended the letter a bit).

I re-heated Chinese leftovers for dinner. (Happy Cinco de Mayo! ;-))

I talked with a few friends via email and one briefly on the phone. Except for my spouse and dog, I didn’t have a face-to-face interaction with anyone I know.

I wrote a grocery list and a short list of things to do this week.

I read and finished a crime novel.

I wrapped another gift for another friend and got it ready to mail.

I didn’t read anything scholarly.

I didn’t do a crossword puzzle.

I didn’t drive or ride anywhere.

I didn’t make any money.

I didn’t volunteer anywhere.

I prayed and meditated but rarely as discrete actions.


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