Justification by Theory

From Gil Bailie’s mostly dormant website:

“Following another avenue of escape, which seeks its justification in a grandiose theory, there are those who wish to recognize only collective sin, ‘objectivized’ sin, ‘social’ sin, i.e. the sin committed by others. A universe is constructed where evil is everywhere denounced, but no where admitted; where it is always endured, never committed. By thus ‘transferring the evil which is in man to the evil in the structures’ — called ‘structures of sin’ — one is led, in addition, to the idea that man is essentially good, and that it is only society which corrupts him, and that he has no need of conversion of heart.” — Henri de Lubac

I think this is a danger for those of us who use a Girardian lens (seeking “justification in a grandiose theory”?), to see more and more clearly others’ violent mimesis, scapegoating, the mechanism of sin for what it is in every interaction we observe, to see it woven into the fabric of society and institutions, while we remain blind to the way it flourishes in each of us.


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