What 5 Things Do You Do Each Day To Stay Sane?

The question presupposes that you are sane, of course.

My sanity enhancers are:

I work out for 30 minutes almost every day, and I take a 30-minute walk most days

I very rarely weigh myself

I spend time meditating and reflecting

I hang out with my dog a lot

I don’t rush

Like Tyler, below, I rarely check my portfolio and I avoid TV ads and commercial radio.

Tyler Cowen (Marginal Revolution) offers four:

“I try to listen to beautiful music at least once a day, I don’t check my portfolio even in the best of times, I hug a loved one at least one more time than was expected (with adaptive expectations this is hard to sustain over time but I have my tricks), and also I avoid television advertisements as much as possible.”

You can weigh in at Mindapples (or here of course, in the comments) with your five, and also name 5 famous people you’d like them to pose the question to.

More on the project at the British Psychological Society Research Digest.

AddendumSue posted a comment to this when it was first published; she said:

1. I don’t have a portfolio :)

2. As little TV as a possible – as little media as possible, really.

3. Meditation/centering prayer

4. Morning pages (three pages of freehand, stream of consciousness, about anything at all, accompanied by the first cup of tea of the day :)

5. Music


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