Markets in Everything, Xmas Edition

Marginal Revolution points to two tinsel-tinted selling opps:

(1) Crapwrap: Have your package wrapped as badly as you would do it.  The service costs $9 and more than 500 people have signed up for it. “We’re not given any instructions. I’m just asked to make a hash of it using lots of brown tape and making sure there are rips and untidy folds.” (This wouldn’t work for us; my spouse wraps with more care than I do.)

(2) Auctioning off the best seat at the family get-together.  Daughter-in-law Alexis won the eBay auction with a bid of £13.50, outbidding 17 other family rivals for the prime seat in front of the TV, with a conveniently placed side table for drinks. Otherwise, there would just have been another Boxing Day row over this ‘perfect seat.’


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