Weather tidbits, and birds

crow in pine - Jan. 2009
crow in spruce - Jan. 2009

We got 7-10″ of snow yesterday, then some sleet, then freezing rain, and then more snow. Closer to the coast, there was more ice.

While I was in the coffee shop today, reading in Car and Driver about a $122,000 Aston Martin Vantage (15 mpg!), I overheard two middle-aged men having a conversation in which one said that he could pry through only one door of his wife’s car this morning.  They also spoke at length about their fondness for Are You Being Served? on public TV, and Keeping Up Appearances. One has all the available seasons of AYBS? on dvd.

Eastern Towhee atop pine - Jan. 2009
Eastern Towhee atop spruce - Jan. 2009

Came home to find these comments from lay weather reporters on a local newspaper’s website:

“Woke up this morning to a cryogenically-sealed car. Live by the coast, so we got mostly ice for the last hour or so of the storm.”

“A pretty brisk wind (can’t say how brisk because the anemometer froze up) … “

“… I was out shoveling at 5:40 a.m. The end of the driveway was a solid 2-3 ft wall and the rain and sleet last night did not help.”

I walked about 40 mins this morning — It’s warm (30 F), sunny, and the roads aren’t too icy, but the splashing of muck by passing vehicles is messy.  The sidewalks are mostly massive snowdrifts at this point.

Lotsa pine cones at the top of this pine tree - Jan. 2009
Lotsa cones at the top of this spruce tree - Jan. 2009

Took these photos on the way home.

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