Flock of Waxwings

I saw a flock of birds in the trees near the river on Monday. I knew they weren’t the robins we seem to have so many more of during winter now, but I couldn’t identify them until I was able to crop the photo at home.

They’re cedar (Bohemian) waxwings, my favourite bird. I suspected it when I saw the crest profile and was certain once I saw the yellow at the tips of some of the bird’s tails.

flock of cedar waxwings, near river, Feb. 2009
flock of Bohemian waxwings, near river, Feb. 2009

Cornell says they’re “one of the most frugivorous birds in North America.” In fact, it can survive on a diet of only fruit for several months, but fermented fruit can kill it (alcohol poisoning).

close-up of cedar waxwings
close-up of Bohemian waxwings

Waxwings are found year-round in our area.


One thought on “Flock of Waxwings

  1. Beautiful birds — but they are BOHEMIAN waxwings, not cedar.
    Notice the black/white/yellow pattern on the wings (which only Bohemian and Japanese waxwings have) and the rust crissal (cream colored on cedar).

    A great article that provides a lot of info about all three species, including pix, is at:

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