Strange Thing, 4 Feb. – Heads Roll in Manger

… and I forgot to take a photo!

The spouse and the dog were playing in their usual way, running from kitchen through foyer, living room, dining room, and back to kitchen, playing chase, hide-and-seek, and catch, when the dog got her head stuck momentarily under a bench in the foyer, on which sits the manger. She cleverly dislodged herself by flinging the bench off, in the process sending the manger and its contents to the floor.

Some were spared: the Holy Family (whew), both hippos, an angel, two magi, all the sheep, the bulldog, and the ladybugs.

Not so fortunate were another wise man (decapitated), a shepherd (likewise decapitated), a donkey that lost an ear, and a cow that lost a nose.  They’ve been glued back together again, though some detail work (i.e., colouring the plaster with magic marker) remains to be done.

A dog in the manger and a wise man with his head cut off — I had to laugh!

manger casualties, repaired
manger casualties, repaired

It’s the four in the foreground who were damaged. And yes, that’s a box of frankincense and myrrh behind the wise man. Duh.

Below are some of the uninjured occupants:

manger survivors
manger survivors

As you can see, the bulldog is caroling, which is why he’s just outside the doorway. Duh.


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