Strange Thing, 6 Feb – Cloned Dog

Couple Loves Cloned Best Friend

Last week, the Ottos’ cloned yellow Labrador puppy, Lancy, bounded off the plane in Miami after his trip from South Korea, where he’d been created by cloning from DNA of the Otto’s previous Lab, Lancelot, who died a year ago:

“‘We just got him because we wanted to have Lancelot more than just the 11½ years,’ Nina Otto said.

“The Ottos submitted the winning bid of $155,000 at an auction with a San Francisco biotech company that had Lancelot cloned in South Korea.

“‘Did I ever think that I was going to spend $150K on a dog? No,'” Edgar Otto said, adding, ‘This is a really sweet dog, and … we’re very happy that we did it.'”

How was it done?:

“In Lancy’s case, his DNA was placed inside an egg from a South Korean dog and implanted in an Irish setter in South Korea. About two months later, 1.3-pound Lancy was born in a single litter birth.”


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