Strange Thing, 10 Feb: What Metaphysics Is and Isn’t

OK, it’s more funny than strange, but it’ s a little strange:

Disclaimer for Philosophy 310 – Metaphysics, taught by Ron Amundson at University of Hawaii at Hilo. (PDF)

What it is : A philosophy course, taught in accordance with American
Philosophical Association standards.

What it is not:

It’s not what’s labelled as ‘Metaphysics’ in Border’s Books.

It’s not a study of “paranormal phenomena, such as extrasensory perception, out-of-body travel, reincarnation, and auras.”

It’s not taught by a narrow-minded person. Nor is it taught by a “fan of paranormal phenomenon.” It’s taught by someone who finds the study of paranormal phenomenon foolish. And you will not pass this course by trying to prove otherwise!


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