Strange Thing, 19 Feb: Rat Traders

Yes, rat futures traders! (If we can believe any of this!)

Website has the details of the rat’s intensive 12-week, 5-hour-per-day training programme plus charts of the rat dynasties derived from mating the four most reliable rats: Mss. Kleinworth, Mss. Coutts, Mr. Morgan, and Mr. Lehmann (who apparently was a surprise finalist). So far, the second generation of top traders has performed even better than their parents, whose performances ranged from 48.5-53.2%. (Is that good?)

The principle investigator, Michael Marcovici (in Austria), notes that “the performances of the top 4 rats had turned out to be comparable to those of the world’ s best fund managers. [No reference for this, though.] Their ability to recognize sound patterns generated from the market’s ticker tape was incredible. And the rat traders also hold another advantage: unlike their human counterparts, they are not likely to be distracted from news or economy fundamentals, their own personal or their bank’s financial status.”

Whether a hoax or not, it’s an interesting concept with a detailed follow-through.


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