Wholesale Massacre in the Garden


So sad to wake up to the destruction of  so many trees in the yard after the rain, ice, and snowstorm of last night. We lost most of a pussywillow, big pieces of lilacs, massive limbs from the old maples, and most sadly, probably the entire hawthorne tree, which has lightly shaded the bird bath area — the top split off about halfway up. There’s likely more damage we just haven’t uncovered yet.


We’ve been out to remove limbs and branches from dangerously weighing down other shrubs and trees in their landing path — the heretofore upright cylindrical arborvitae, the remaining trunk of the pussywillow, the lilacs, some smaller plants — using the hand saw and the chain saw. Most of the debris, which is still laying atop the snow, we will haul off and throw over the fence; some of the larger logs we’ll give to our neighbour, who, as he often does, was out before we got going this morning, snowblowing the end of our driveway.




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