I would not give you false hope

I love this:

House MD to Wilson: Why didn’t you tell me this?

Wilson: House, you and I, we don’t have the normal social contract. I don’t expect you to tell me the lies that …

House: I am fully capable of lying to you.  I’ve lied plenty of times.

Wilson: I mean collaborative lies. Giving someone a hand who maybe needs to deceive themselves, just a little. For two days I’ve been thinking about how Danny’s gonna react when he sees me. If I said that to any body else , they’d say, ‘Don’t worry, it’ll all be all right.’ You wouldn’t.

House: Because it might all go horribly wrong.

Wilson (laughs hollowly): Yeah, yeah,  it might.

House: In which case, you might want some company.


And then:

House MD to Wilson: Does it bother you that we have no social contract?

Wilson: My whole life is one big compromise. I tiptoe around everyone like they’re made of china. I spend all my time analysing what will the effect be if I say this. Then there’s you. You’re a reality junkie. If I offer you a comforting lie, you’d smack me over the head with it. Let’s not change that.

House: OK.

Wilson:  No …  see …  if you were implementing the social contract, you’d say that but only because it makes me feel better.

House: It is kind of fun, watching you torture yourself.

Wislon: Do you think things will work out with my brother?

House: No.  … But if it does go wrong, it won’t be your fault.

Wilson: Thanks, House.

(all from House MD 5×17, The Social Contract)

I can live within the social contract. Sometimes, when I’m exhausted, I want it, the facile lies that make it all easier.  But maybe the exhaustion itself is a product of living within the social contract, from the tacit knowledge of those facile, social lies, which comfort but aren’t true and don’t truly abide.


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