Favourite Line of the Day

“He combined Old World mysticism and New World craziness”

said by Janine Vega about Lionel Ziprin, an East End Jewish mystic, bohemian and poet who died  last weekend at the age of 84.

From the same obituary:

“Mr. Ziprin, a self-created planet, exerted a powerful gravitational attraction for poets, artists, experimental filmmakers, would-be philosophers and spiritual seekers.”

“A self-created planet …”

Ziprin’s mysticism may have had an identifiable organic basis: As a child, Lionel was “badly overanesthetized” during a tonsillectomy, and after he woke from a 10-day coma, he “was seized by fits of uncontrollable laughter and experienced hallucinations. For the rest of his life, he saw visions and conversed with the spirit world.”


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