What We Might Find

Madame X at My Open Wallet writes, in Weird Stuff from Dad’s Files, about the recorded data her father has kept through the years:

“I discovered that he was way more of a pack rat than I’d realized, and incredibly obsessive about recording certain kinds of data. I’ll spare you the results of his research into replacement garage doors and his records of watering the lawn, but I will share his expenditures for 1975, as he recorded them.”

This seems like the kind of minutiae I will one day find in my dad’s files. He’s very organised in general (I remember his coins stacked neatly in copper  and silver columns on his dresser when I was growing up), and particularly so with regard to record-keeping.  My dad wouldn’t have records about watering the lawn but he probably has records of daily rainfall (from his rain gauge) and daily temperatures over the years. Not that I wish him any shorter a healthy and independent life than he will have, but I am sort of looking forward to seeing what he’s kept some time.

Related: In the midst of cleaning up to move, I recently threw out all of my journals, kept from age 12-30.  I leafed through a couple and then decided it was time to let them go.  Goodbye, old life.


2 thoughts on “What We Might Find

  1. Wow – that is an amazing letting go – I have not been able to let go of many old papers – I haven’t even attempted to get rid of old journals. I have a long way to go on this letting go.

  2. Hi Karen,

    I don’t mean to imply that anyone else /should/ toss journals, papers, letters, photos, or anything else, now or ever. It’s just that this felt like the right time for me to do this. (Thanks for commenting!)

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