2 thoughts on “Alone

  1. I have some of the same fears about your leaving…that I will be “alone”, lacking the trust and intimacy that I”ve enjoyed in our relationship. As I think about the way you engaged in this community when you arrived, by attending all kinds of gatherings, I feel confident that you know how to attract the kind of friendship you seek. I’m not nearly as good at that. I can’t imagine your being “alone”, and of course you won’t really be, as long I’m still breathing!

  2. Thanks, Lynn, for your encouragement, and for reminding me of my resources and of your abiding (abidement?). It does help to know that you are here (and breathing!).

    I did feel alone, though, in my previous town, even though I had some close friends in /other/ places, and even though I tried to engage there in various ways. Sometimes meeting and getting to know those people who speak to your soul does just seem like luck, fate, grace, or what-have-you.

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