Strange Thing, Steak-Related

This happened yesterday. I was doing some Spring cleaning outside on the sidewalk in front of my house, raking and hauling leaves and other debris to make everything look neater for incipient house showings. I’m aware that a truck is slowing down, so I look over, thinking the driver is lost and wants to ask me for directions. No. He smiles and says, “Do you want to buy some steak?”  Then I notice his truck has “Steak” printed on it. It’s like a weird dream. “No, thanks,” I say, “I’m a vegetarian.”  That puts an end to that conversation.

The other night, speaking of strange things, I had a dream that my head had been someone else’s first. There were piercings on the bridge of my nose, one on either side, opposite each other, and I knew I hadn’t had that face when the piercings were done, so I must have gotten the face/head afterward. I think I was having the piercings removed. wtf


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