No Action Taken Against Bears

Here’s a sampling of the police blotter from the place we’re moving to:

** A group of teenagers approached a police officer complaining that another group of teenagers was harassing them. The other group allegedly made rude comments and threw a slice of pizza at them. Police couldn’t find the accused teens.

** Police were called by a woman complaining of bears on her property and the road nearby. She claimed the bears had just emerged from hibernation and were eating from her bird feeder. Police found a female bear and two cubs on the road but took no action.

** A woman called police regarding her lost shepherd dog, who broke his leash and ran away when she was walking him. The dog returned home the next day, along with an unlicensed Chihuahua named Bambi, who was later returned to her owner.


One thought on “No Action Taken Against Bears

  1. “an unlicensed Chihuahua named Bambi” — sounds like the final line in an off-color limerick.

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