Single Serving Sites

Single serving sites take the narrow-focus thing to a new level. They’re one page, they serve one function (if that many), and usually their URL says it all. Yum!

Some of my favourites:

Useful or Not Too Useless

now do this (editable)

what is my IP?

down for everyone or just for me?

what’s the weather?, umbrella today?,

is the dow up? and dow quote

who won the super bowl?

(current) price of a (U.S.) stamp

are we still in iraq?

are we at war with iran?

are we still in recession? (UK site)

all the curry (mouse over)

taco map (it knows where you are)

get focused

merry christmas. i would have bought you this

is the big picture a bummer today? (refers to the Boston Globe‘s section, ‘The Big Picture’ – with link)


single serve me (make your own!)


Completely Useless in most instances (but fun)

instant rimshot

the internet firelog (requires quicktime)

Misanthropebook, a parody of Facebook, which I love for this: “Larry wants to be your nemesis. Accept?”

defiant dog

sometimes red, sometimes blue

free bill stickers

don’t stand next to the sun

the sheep market

is barack obama a muslin?

palin as president (very clickable and fun! try the lightswitch)

empty site

and the classic, the hamster dance


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