30 Thoughts in 30 Minutes

Beth’s – includes “How can we recapture that grace, the grace of libraries and peony beds, waltzes and wisteria vines? Impossible.”

Dave’s – includes “Why do stuffed animals give us such comfort?”

Mine (20 thoughts in about 60 minutes, another 10 later):

1. Wonder what mom is doing now.

2. Why does everything have to be maintained? What kind of system is that? Houses, cars, crops, gardens, animals, bodies, minds. Every. thing. What’s the purpose?

3.  I miss mail delivery twice a day, though it’s never existed in my lifetime, in any place I’ve ever lived. But I imagine it in England, in NYC. Wouldn’t it be great?

4. A chickadee is at the feeder. How does a bird that weighs that little keep from being blown to the ground or into a heap of feathers in these 30 mph winds?

5. Is Twitter really more “me, me, me” than anything else? It’s interesting for me to read other people’s tweets, what’s happening in the moment, and it’s difficult for me to come up with my own tweets sometimes — just like a face-to-face encounter at the coffee shop.

6. Trying not to think about an elephant is wearying. Yes, I mean an actual elephant.

7. Where will I be living in a year? I keep wondering this. (Assuming I am living in a year. If not, it’s moot.) Can I avoid buying the ‘right’ house and instead choose the ‘right’ community?

8. I’m longing to be eating outside, on  a warm day, near the ocean or along the Intercoastal Waterway. Longing.

9. What would my life look like if I completely had the faith of Jesus, if I were fully alive?

10. As usual, more questions than anything else. So indeterminate.

11. This is hard to do. With meditation, thoughts are more fleeting and the habit is not to hold them or crystallise them.

12. Are we meant to protect people (adults) from themselves, from their circumstances? Another way to ask it: How are we meant to care for other adults?

13. Why do dreams feel so powerful, such lingering experiences?

14. Stainless steel appliances and granite countertops, as I said to a friend last week, must be the most mimetic desire in North American culture. What a relief, in my favourite UK home magazine, to see none of it.  Those things are so five-years-ago there (or in their style magazines, anyway). Laminates and wood for surfaces. Stainless steel shows every fingerprint, and granite is a menace to clumsy people like me. Do people actually cook in these kitchens? How did these get to be the status symbols of the moment? (“A fashion is nothing but an induced epidemic.” — GB Shaw)

15. It’s hard to believe that there are only two separate genders for most living beings.

16. We have eight or so Chinese and Thai restaurants in the area but I seldom see an Asian person in town.

17. I love my dog’s eyelashes.

18. RIP Nick Plath.

19. Would going to a Pampered Chef party be really inauthentic of me, or would it be a way to hold my identity looser, to be more open to becoming?

20. Reality TV — what a concept. I am fascinated by the “housewives” genre.

21. When I dated someone black, some black women dissed me, shunned me. But I miss spending time with black women.

22. What does “she‘ll cut a bitch” mean? I have no idea.  Besides Antiques Roadshow, Kathy Griffin is something I avoid like the proverbial plague. otoh, I love Julia Sweeney. I must not be a gay man.

23.  Speaking of TV, All Creatures Great and Small (the TV series) seems like a good mimetic model for a community, for a family. OK, kind of 1940s, but still.

24. If I hadn’t stumbled onto Rene Girard, how would I think about religion, Christianity, and my life now?

25. It’s good to know a female Air Force colonel (ret’d) who’s modest and compassionate, and who loves my sister.

26. Pirates — Jimmy Buffet said his “occupation’s just not around,” but it turns out that it is. Mine’s still not, I think.

27. I will really miss curbside recycling of up to plastic label <6> . Most of the communities we’re looking at moving to either don’t have recycling or recycle only up to <2>. Such a major step backwards, it feels. And neither state has a bottle bill, either! Ack!

28.  Why are popular bookgroup books so bad? So obvious, so simple-minded, so tidy? Is this all we want?

29.  Tonic water and lime. Mmm. Gin, too. Junipers. Citrus.  Summer evenings.

30. Fundamentalism comes in many forms, including those who make or blithely accept fundamental assumptions about God and then dismiss them as ridiculous.


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