The Music in All the Colours of Darkness

Peter Robinson’s latest Banks novel takes its cue from the tragic Othello and its central idea that we can incite each other to kill by planting images that evoke jealousy.  (Much like the pop song Mr. Bright-Side by The Killers)

Readers of the Banks police procedural series will know that we’re kept current on what Alan is listening to at all times — in the car, to create a romantic mood, when he’s depressed, on Sunday mornings in the conservatory, etc.  Here (to the best of my ability to notice) is what he listened to in the latest, All the Colours of Darkness:


‘Cler Achel‘ – Tinariwen: Wakes up to it on the alarm clock’s iPod dock (p. 31)

‘Long Limbed Girl’ – Nick Lowe – in the Porsche (p. 43)

‘Where Have All the Good Times Gone?’ – David Bowie – Pin Ups – in the Porsche (p. 46)

Elgar cello concerto – Natalie Clein performing – in his office (p. 57)

‘It’s All A Lie’ – Keren Ann  – at home having dinner (p. 73)

Symphony # 2 – Charles Villiers Stanford – while trying to put together a CD storage unit from Ikea (p. 130)

‘Rich Woman’ by Robert Plant and Alison Krauss – late at night (p. 136)

‘So Tonight That I Might See’ – Mazzy Star – So Tonight That I Might See – dinner with his lover (p. 150)

‘Thirst For Romance’ – Cherry Ghost – driving in Porsche with his lover (p. 161)

John Garth’s cello concertos (p. 175) – while reading, after dinner

Hvarf-Heim – Sigur Rós (maybe this?) (p. 179) – while standing outside his house with a glass of wine, after sunset, thinking

13th Symphony ‘Babi-Yar’ – Shostakovich (p. 309) – at home in the morning

‘Stillborn’ – Sarabeth Tucek ( p. 352, 354) – while having a drink in his conservatory in the evening

‘(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction – Cat PowersThe Covers Album (p. 355) –  at home in evening, drinking wine

‘Wild is the Wind’ – Cat Powers (p. 357) – as above

‘When Your Lover Has Gone’ – Billie Holiday (p. 361) – rainy Sunday morning at home

“a jazzy string quartet called Zapp” (p. 362) – rainy Sunday morning at home, as he tries to work on crossword puzzle

‘Dazed and Confused’ – Led Zepplin (p. 386) – driving home from London after he sees his lover with another man

… and he and his lover went to hear a Wilco concert at Brixton Academy (p. 207).


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