Crime Novel Excerpt – Silent Agreements

From Karin Fossum’s Norwegian police procedural Don’t Look Back (2002), conversation between Inspector Sejer and officer Skarre:

“‘Maybe you think better out of doors?’ Skarre scraped at a patch of candle wax on the sand-blasted table.

“‘I’ve always thought that a person’s surroundings affected how they think, that you understand more about something if you go to the actual scene. If you have a sort of awareness inside, an awareness of objects. For ‘what objects have to say.’

“‘Fascinating theory,’ Skarre said. ‘Do you dare mention it out loud at headquarters?’

“‘We have a kind of silent agreement not to. The District Prosecutor isn’t interested in my beliefs. He knows they’re there, of course, and he does take them into consideration, though he would never admit it. Another silent agreement.'”


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