Crime Novel Excerpts: Winter Study

From Winter Study (2008) by Nevada Barr, in the Anna Pigeon series of National Park crime novels.

“‘George W. Bush is the Antichrist,’ Anna said, apparently apropos of nothing. Leaving her companions to think she suffered from political Tourette’s syndrome, she shuffled off.”

“One of the reasons humans tended toward insanity was the weight of fear they carried. The blessings of storytelling, the handing down of knowledge and warnings, had a flip side. People carried the collective fears of their history, the biases of those long dead, the paranoias of other ages.”

“He had the same feeling as Robin did, as if the two of them were not quite of this world, raised in bubbles, maybe, or from another dimension where good always won out, the cream rose to the top and the poor were not always with you.

Undamaged, Anna thought and wondered how damaged she was.”


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