A not so random collection of recent tweets labelled #notagoodlook (link not family friendly):

#notagoodlook if you eat FOOD off the floor. 5 second rule and kissing it up to Jesus are not applicable anymore folks!

#notagoodlook wearing shirts that say ‘juicy’ ‘baby girl’ ‘angel’ ‘princess’. u are none of those things

#notagoodlook gay guys who act more womanly then real women (no disrespect to the gay community though)

#notagoodlook piercin ur lip&tongue&below ur lip &ur eyebrow all at once, y not push a huge metal bar thru ya face

#notagoodlook bitches starving themselves just to fit into a two piece swim suit just for the summer

#notagoodlook: Wearing a two-piece bathing suit at the beach when, in reality, a four-piece would suffice.

#notagoodlook open toed sandals on feet that need a closed casket funeral

Hey Mom the haircut from 1985 is #notagoodlook

#notagoodlook cutting off eyebrows only to paint them back on..walking around looking like “huh”?

#notagoodlook accessorizing your new look with a baby


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