My Favourite Bible Story … (via Twitter)

Once again, Twitter does all the work. This time, it’s #myfavoritebiblestory, complete with irony!

Choice selections:

#myfavoritebiblestory is when jesus says “feed my sheep” and the disciples tell him the poor need to get jobs.

#myfavoritebiblestory is the one where the man asks Jesus to heal his daughter and Jesus tells him he’s no longer covered by S-CHIP.

#myfavoritebiblestory when jesus said, “if someone strikes you on the right cheek, get your carry and conceal permit asap.”

#myfavoritebiblestory when paul says, the bible is inerrant and scripture interprets scripture which is not an interpretation at all.

#myfavoritebiblestory when Jesus said “Let he who doesn’t like sin in others cast the first stone.”

#myfavoritebiblestory is when Jesus says to love your neighbor almost as much as you love yourself.

#myfavoritebiblestory is the one where Jesus is hanging on the cross and he says, “My God this would make a fabulous necklace!”

#myfavoritebiblestory and jesus said, look at the lillies of the field. how much better they will be if we develop the land for investors.

#myfavoritebiblestory is the one where John tells Mary at the foot of the cross, “this wouldn’t have happened if you weren’t so overbearing”

#myfavoritebiblestory When Jesus told Mary to get up off her butt and serve him dinner.

#myfavoritebiblestory is the one where Queen Esther saves her people, but all anyone wants to know is what her husband thinks about it.

#myfavoritebiblestory Jesus takes care to ignore the woman at the well lest any1 think He is inappropriate & thereby harm His ministry

(Mine: “#myfavoritebiblestory is when the prodigal son comes home + his dad serves an all-local, all-organic, gluten-free vegan feast to celebrate” and “#myfavoritebiblestory where Jesus comes to Gadarene and heals the townspeople of their outbreak of swine flu“)

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