Grandma, Get Run Over By a Reindeer

Unintended consequences envisioned by someone with at least a passing knowledge of crime fiction:

Next year, an estate-tax law revision will fully repeal U.S. estate tax to zero for everyone. But starting bright and early in January 2011,

“the tax will jump back up to its previous level of 55 percent,” which will no doubt “encourage those whose parents and grandparents are worth anything more than a million bucks to get them dead by midnight on Dec. 31, 2010.”

Unless, of course, Grandma makes the best use of the tax law before anyone else can get to her:

“Here, Congress has created an incentive for Grandma to stick around through Jan. 1, 2010, then snuff it before the end of next year.”

(from “The Republican Death Machine,” in Slate)


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