Adiaphora is a Greek word that refers to things to which we’re indifferent, issues or choices about which we don’t much care and which don’t give rise to conflict. Richard Beck writes about adiaphora as it applies to successful marriages and churches in his post today at Experimental Theology.

Adiaphora reminds me of the helpful Buddhist ideas of detachment, letting go, having a ‘friendly’ attitude towards things.  Being relaxed about it.

On the surface, adiaphora may seem like it could be expressed as Meh, Whatever,  I couldn’t care less.  But those words carry a sense more-or-less of disdainful dismissal, and disdain implies that one does care, that one does have a preference — and this ain’t it. I think adiaphora expresses something more like Sure, why not? and implies a willingness to be as content with one option as with another.

I need to practice this, expanding the space of adiaphora.




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