Thanks Giving

Philip Greenspun’s thoughts are pretty much mine. Among the things he’s thankful for, with my comments:

  • “family members who remain alive and healthy” >> Me, too, including those who aren’t so healthy and those who aren’t alive.
  • “close friendships with people whom I met as far back as the 1970s” >> Definitely. Old friends are great. Also thankful for good friends I’ve met over the past 6 or 7 years who are still in my life.
  • “the friendship of dogs, especially Samoyeds, over the years” >> Yes. For me, it’s “especially bulldogs,” but really all dogs. They so enhance my life.
  • “the hard work of engineers, scientists, and mathematicians since the Enlightenment who have made our comfortable modern lifestyle possible” >> I agree. I do like the modern conveniences (some are listed below in my further #thankful notes) even as I recognise their darker sides. And I appreciate the vision, intellect, discipline, instinct, capacity for delight and wonder, open-mindedness and curiosity that are elements of scientific inquiry.
  • “to have seen my peculiar passion, the Internet, grow from a research curiosity when I started using it in 1976 to a worldwide utility” >> I started using Nexis/Lexis databases online for work in the mid-1980s and have loved online information access from the start.
  • “to have lived in the age of photography, which has enabled almost everyone to capture and record the world around us” >> Photo images — whether from Ansel Adams’ time or contemporary — are those that capture my heart and mind most strongly. They enhance glamour, squalor, architectural lines, natural beauty, what’s unspoken and unseen among people. I love to frame and edit my own shots, and I love to view what other people view.

Other things I’m thankful for, which I posted to Twitter during the month, are:

  • neighbourhoods to walk in, dogs to greet, other walkers out enjoying the world on Thanksgiving
  • friendly, compassionate, open-hearted strangers and acquaintances
  • quiet, solitude, warm laughter and giggling, purring, gentle dog snoring, bird song, waves lapping, crackling fire, a breeze
  • my dad, for being who he is, and also for offering to help us with my mom’s precarious situation now
  • my digital camera, computer speakers, pens, dimmer switches, Cuisinart, woodstove, reading glasses, online search/maps
  • spirit of curiosity, discovery, exploration, happy expectancy, abiding interest in so many things people, places, ideas
  • a warm water-tight house, indoor plumbing, soft towels to dry the dog, nowhere I have to go
  • b&w photos, muted colours of dried hydrangeas, glamour, Art Deco, modern style, silver & white, shimmer, transcendence
  • jasmine black tea, dried pears, all olives, all citrus, asparagus, artichokes, garlic, popovers, fruitcake, mac&cheese
  • sunlight, warmth, tropical breezes, snowfall, summer rain, spring green, meadow grasses, berries, sandy beaches, pine scent
  • my sisters
  • good food, good wine & beer, good friends to share meals w/, good places to walk, and people who care about the common good
  • R and Ch, college friends, and for their wonderful (grown) kids
  • friends who are practical, fun, interesting, good listeners, supportive, willing to share their lives w/ me & let me share mine
  • Rothko, Wolf Kahn, Gauguin, Johns, O’Keeffe, Motherwell, Matisse, Rauschenberg, Arthur Dove, Frankenthaler, Klee, et al
  • dogs, rhinos, elephants, hedgehogs, toads, songbirds & tropical birds (LOVE-ly plumage), pigs, stoats, & other assorted beasts
  • that my spouse finally got a drivers license in our new state!

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