Mothers and Middle Age

A few lines that I particularly like from Richard Russo’s latest novel, That Old Cape Magic (2009) :


His mother “claimed to have no memory of the converation. ‘How would I know what happened to those people?’ she said when pressed. He couldn’t figure out what to make of it. His mother’s usual MO was to feign knowledge she didn’t have, not to confess ignorance.” (been there!)


“His mother’s favorite time of day was cocktail hour. She loved the sound of ice cubes in glasses, of jazz and gin-induced laughter, of lots of people talking at once. So much better, to her way of thinking, than eavesdropping on smaller conversations …” (me, too!)


“Late middle age, he was coming to understand, was a time of life when everything was predictable and yet somehow you failed to see any of it coming.”

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