I’m minimising my desktop, Gmail, Facebook, and this blog.

Here’s what I’ve done so far:


Here’s my desktop:

my desktop, jan 2010

The image is a photo taken at Jekyll Island; sometimes I use a wide beach shot instead.

The icons on the left are the Recycle Bin, Internet Explorer (which I can’t seem to get rid of), Mozilla Firefox (my browser), Program Archive, Oft-Used Programs, and My Documents.

Oft-Used Programs: Flickr Uploader, GIMP, Kodak, OpenOffice, and PFE. That’s it. I could add Firefox and the Recycle Bin there but I use them so often it makes sense to me to keep them separate and only one click away.

The other programs are all in Program Archive and include a couple  that came with the computer like Acer eManager and NTI CD Maker, plus Adobe Reader, IE, Malwarebyes, McAfee Security, Quick Time, and Skype.

You can’t see it, but I’ve trimmed what’s in My Documents to Music, Pictures, Downloads, and To Be Read Items.  The items in Music and Pictures are local copies of what’s on my flash drive (Music) and what’s on Flickr (Pictures).


Thanks to Zen Habits for these ideas:

I installed Greasemonkey so I could run little Java Script programs to remove clutter from Gmail and Facebook. (Works for other apps, too, but those felt the most cluttered to me.) You can install the programs and if you don’t like them, you can easily uninstall them, or you can disable them occasionally when you want to see more stuff.

For Gmail, I’m running

Hide Labels, Chat, Invite Friend and Footer (you could also hide chat, friend, and footer but keep labels if you use them)

Remove Stars (I never knew what those stars were for anyway)

Gmail Ad Remover (no more spam casseroles)

Here’s what my Gmail screen looks like, using the Pebbles Theme.

Gmail screen, Jan 2010

Use the minimalist theme for a cleaner look:

Gmail minimalist screen, Jan 2010


Using Greasemonkey, I got rid of ads, polls, suggestions, and most of both sidebars with Stylish Facebook and New Facebook – Remove Ads.

Here’s what it looks like now:

Facebook screen, Jan 2010


So far, I’m just removing links, Delicious bookmarks, the Flickr link, the Feedburner link, and a few other things. But I’m very tempted to change platforms (from the free to the fee-based and use Leo’s mnmlist blog template.

in progress …


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