Marriage — and many other long-term committed relationships — is a lot of things, and is said to be a lot of things …. Today I really like what Joseph Campbell says about it in this poem, which I found on Cleavage — and by the way, her whole post is worth reading. (Thanks, Karen).

Marriage is not a love affair,
it’s an ordeal.
It is a religious exercise, a sacrament,
the grace of participating in another life.
If you go into marriage with a program,
you will find that it won’t work.
Successful marriage
is leading innovative lives together,
being open, non-programmed.
It’s a free fall: how you handle each new thing as it comes along.
As a drop of oil on the sea,
you must float,
using intellect and compassion
to ride the waves.

— Joseph Campbell


2 thoughts on “Marriage

  1. This makes sense to me although I don’t float all that well after 42+ years of marriage. Still learning.

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