Simple Woman’s Daybook

I’m copying this format from Domestic Bliss; might be nice to do this reflection exercise once a week, or it might get boring.

Outside my window….there’s snow and it’s cold (26F but “feels like” 18F) but not as cold or windy as last week. The mail carrier just went by in her maroon station wagon without a muffler … Now some people from the town are out there shoveling the ice away from the end of our driveway, where it meets the road.

I am thinking… about my dad who is dying now in the palliative care unit of a facility 700 miles away. One of my sisters is there with him and the other is trying to decide if she should go, too. These may be his last moments on Earth.

I am thankful for… my Dad’s life and his modeling for me of a good life.

I am learning… to listen more to my intuition and common sense.

From the kitchen… I can smell the fluffy buttered rice I made this morning, a favourite comfort food. No need to make dinner other than a salad to go with the leftover tortellini casserole.

I am wearing...  the usual jeans, wool socks, grey wool sweater and a blue undershirt.

I am creating… a space for tonglen: exchanging tightness for lightness, dis-ease for ease, anxiety and grief for a feeling of well-being.

I am going… to work out soon

I am reading… nothing right now; finished a crime novel last night and will probably start another today (Ruth Rendell’s The Monster in the Box).

I am hoping… that Dad can die peacefully; that my mother’s life improves now that someone is visiting her most days; that our house sells; that T. gets good news next week at Mass General and that the layoffs don’t affect him adversely.

I am hearing… my dog chewing her knobby ball, with gusto!

Around the house… I did towel laundry today and a load of dishes … nothing else needs to be done now.

One of my favorite things... is being home all day in this quiet and expansive home

A few plans for the rest of the week: Nothing much planned — celebrating T’s birthday, taking books back to library, picking up dried pears from co-op … 

Here is picture for thought I am sharing…It’s the coffee shop in my new hometown.

coffee shop 31 Jan 2010

(Lots of other women write these, too: The Simple Woman’s Daybook)


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