Simple Woman’s Daybook

It’s that time again …

Outside my window…. still snow on the ground, abundant sunshine, a little red squirrel running  around the backyard…
I am thinking… that I really need a hair cut and so have to go out and find a new stylist. Sigh. Or I could drive 3 hours each way to my former stylist, which is what I have been doing for 4 months.
I am thankful for… friends, always, and my husband, my dog, time to think and time to feel, money in the bank (as layoffs loom), my dad’s life.
I am learning… to let the ground shift without clutching so quickly for something certain and sturdy
From the kitchen… leftover seafood casserole (an old Amy Dacyczyn stand-by) for dinner tonight, probably with spinach.
I am wearing… jeans, Smartwool socks, and a “new” (eBay: $4.95) J Crew grey wool sweater
I am creating… snowy, icy, “mind of winter” (W. Stevens) thoughts in my head … longing for Jekyll and summer warmth, looseness, illumination
I am going… along for the (somewhat bumpy) ride lately.
I am readingNothing to Envy: Ordinary Lives in North Korea (2009) by Barbara Demick. I heard the author talk about it on a public radio show a few weeks ago. Also a crime novel by Beverly Connor, Dust to Dust (2009).
I am hearing… the dog snoring, the humidifier humming (like white noise), the Orioles clock ticking
Around the house… I need to read through a month of Wall Street Journals and water houseplants in living room. I cleaned our bathroom already this morning.
One of my favorite things… is receiving unexpected flowers, plants, gifts, cards and food baskets! (And when someone close to you dies, that’s what happens.)
A few plans for the rest of the week: Gather tax info and take it to the CPA by Friday.  See what comes next with T’s foot after Mass General visit on Wed. Romanian tyrants on Thursday. Walk if it gets warmer. Track down Dad’s cremains. Hair cut!
Here’s a picture thought I’m sharing: a sculpture at the Hirschhorn Museum in DC, Feb. 2008

Hirschhorn Sculpture, Feb 2008


3 thoughts on “Simple Woman’s Daybook

  1. Enjoyed reading through your list. It gives me the feeling that you’re close enough to touch!
    That sculpture is crazy! I really like the cushy bean bag-like bodies!

  2. Reminds me of something Camden (V’s son) said to me this morning. He said,”I don’t like school. Its like a dark dark hole that sucks all my happiness out.” I love how he describes things….

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