Simple Woman’s Daybook

I forgot to do this yesterday, so it will be a Tuesday daybook.

Outside my window… Grey heavy skies and light snow. Snow still covers the ground fully. May get 4-8″ of new snow today and tonight.

I am thinking… about the end of the world — I’m reading Rene Girard’s Battling to the End, about Carl von Clausewitz’s treatise, On War, published in the early 1800s, and mimetic theory, politics, war, and apocalypse

I am thankful for… an impromptu serendipitous dinner with CHJ on Valentine’s night!

From the kitchen… the fruitcake muffins I made yesterday didn’t rise well, but I have new baking powder for the orange poppyseed bread I plan to make this afternoon.

I am wearing… jeans, grey cableknit wool sweater with many holes that have been “repaired” using festive colours of yarn, black undershirt, wool socks.

I am creating… or, aligning with …  peace, every time I don’t retaliate, don’t defend, don’t resent, don’t escalate.

I am going… no where fast.

I am hoping… that a package my sister sent last Monday will arrive today! [And it has!]

I am hearing… the humidifier’s quiet rumble (it’s working hard!) Gentle bulldog snoring. The clock. My computer’s fan.

Around the house… It’s always a cozy feeling to be in the house when it’s snowing outside.

One of my favorite things … Have I mentioned how much I love the crushed ice maker on the refrigerator?

A few plans for the rest of the week: Will see what news spouse’s medical visit (this afternoon) brings us. Tyrants (Mao, maybe) on Thursday and perhaps a Langston Hughes jazz-poem event that night.

Here is picture thought I am sharing…

Florida, canal, Feb 2007

(Lots of other women write these, too: The Simple Woman’s Daybook)


One thought on “Simple Woman’s Daybook

  1. I really like your daybook. It is a nice peek into someone else’s daily life. I might try it myself. But I would be afraid I would see how frenetic my life has become.

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