amusing lines

“‘You must have some questions about me,’ he insisted, so I thought a little harder. ‘Uh, ok, why did you and your wife divorce after twenty years?’ As soon as I uttered the words, I regretted asking the question. I didn’t care to know why this total stranger divorced his wife. However, his answer was quite informative. After implying she wasn’t bright he added, ‘She wasn’t a good representative of who I am.’ Was I just tired and cranky, or was Rick really arrogant?”

Oh, yeah.

(from Virtual Men at Dating Experiences of a Middle-Aged Woman … in Hollywood)


2 thoughts on “amusing lines

  1. Maybe his therapist gave him this view of intimate relationships … I remember spending a couple hours with a woman whose therapist taught her to judge, aloud, everything by whether or not it met her needs. As in, “The service in this restaurant does not meet my need for feeling valued and respected.” “This ambiance does not meet my need for comfort.” !

    People do sometimes view their children as their representatives, e.g., seeing it as a bad reflection on themselves when the kids act out in public. It’s more patronising to view your spouse as so lacking in autonomy that their primary function is to represent you, but it’s not _that_ different, is it?.

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