Field Trip: Hopkinton Dam (NH)

Last weekend, we took an unexpected field trip to another New Hampshire dam built by the Army Corps of Engineers, the Hopkinton Dam, one of two dams that form Hopkinton-Everett Lake. (Yes, the other one is called Everett Dam).  They were built in 1962 for $21.4 million. And it’s not so much a lake as two reservoirs connected by a canal when there’s a flood.

Hopkinton Dam is on the Contoocook River; Everett is on the Piscataquog River. Along with 3 other dams in the Merrimack River Basin, they control flood waters to the south, in Concord and Nashua NH and in Lowell, Lawrence and Haverhill, MA.  Hopkinton and Everett Reservoirs can together hold 50 billion gallons of water.

We stumbled on the Hopkinton Dam, and the unrelated Rowell Covered Bridge nearby (see next posting), when we were looking at kennels in Warner and Henniker; the Hopkinton Dam is just over the Henniker town line.  Fortunately, I had my camera!

Hopkinton Dam, 30 April 2010
approaching the dam from the parking lot, down grassy hill

Hopkinton Dam, 30 april 2010
the dam building from the other side - strong skunk smell near these rocks
Hopkinton Dam high water mark, 30 April 2010
the high water mark - about 405 feet - hit in 1969
Hopkinton Dam debris, 30 April 2010
natural and unnatural debris stuck in the dam, despite the row of logs chained together to prevent this (see next photo); a bird was nesting in here!
Hopkinton Dam - chained logs, 30 April 2010
logs chained together in reservoir to prevent debris getting stuck in dam and clogging it
Hopkinton Dam, back side - 30 April 2010
back side of Hopkinton Dam, across Rt 127
Hopkinton Dam - wooded area alongside reservoir, 30 April 2010
wooded area alongside reservoir
Hopkinton Dam, both sides of Route 127 -  30 April 2010
The lay of the land: Route 127, with dam on left and under the road, and small backside pool below rock scree on right
Hopkinton Dam reservoir, 30 April 2010
Hopkinton Dam reservoir
Hopkinton Dam Building, 30 April 2010
dam building

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