Library Garden

Our local public library has a very nice formal garden. In mid-May, mostly lilacs and tulips are blooming, with a few Centaurea starting. I took some photos last weekend.

overview of garden, mid-May 2010

So many lilac varieties!

blurred purple lilac, mid-May 2010

white lilac with shadow, mid-May 2010

deep pink lilac, mid-May 2010

light pink lilac, mid-May 2010

And some tulips:

deep pink tulip, close, mid-May 2010

trio of white tulips, mid-May 2010

The Centaurea (Bachelor Buttons):

centaurea, mid-May 2010

In the shade garden, there was a trillium and some May apples:

trillium, mid-May 2010

May apple, mid-May 2010

And some ferns, Soloman’s seal, hostas, a stone wall … and an old Mercedes!

shade plantings, wall and old Mercedes, mid-May 2010


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