Simple Woman’s Daybook

Outside my window… rain shower, 74F, getting dark …

I am thinking… obsessively about T’s flap (an oval patch of skin with muscle, veins, nerves, taken from his wrist and grafted onto his foot over the spot where the sarcoma was removed), worried that it may fail …

I am thankful for… good nurses, the recent not-too-bad drives into Boston, fresh peas, friends, Pema Chodron and her clear way of putting things.

From the kitchen… all is quiet now (except the ice maker which has decided to work again), but for dinner we had leftover zucchini cakes, corn on the cob, and pasta/asparagus/beans and peas in pesto (with chicken in T’s) – very summery

I am wearing… a brown skort and a light pink linen/cotton cap-sleeve Eddie Bauer shirt (from eBay)

I am creating… lots of anxiety

I am going… a little crazy with exhaustion and worry/panic

I am reading … SJ Bolton’s Blood Harvest (2010), a sort of ghost story/thriller. Also halfway through The Girl Who Played with Fire (Larsson)

I am hoping… against hope that we can get through the next month without any more crises and that T’s flap and grafts heal very very well.

I am hearing… the fan in the window, my dog chomping a shelled pea I just gave her

Around the house… work on the patio has begun — tomorrow is Day 3.  T showed me how to clean out the bathroom sink drain, and he fixed a window that wouldn’t close today after he got back from the hospital.

One of my favorite things… used to be summer.

A few plans for the rest of the week: I’ve learned that I can’t plan much of anything. I’d like to to attend the second lecture on the Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran series I’m signed up for tomorrow, and to look at some gardens (during a garden tour) in a nearby town on Saturday with C.  But who knows.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing…

Hydrangea bloom before dug up
Hydrangea bloom, before the plant was dug up for the patio; hope we can transplant it and that it will come back next year.

(Lots of other women write these, too: The Simple Woman’s Daybook)


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