Blog Business

I’ve been somewhat out of it this summer, blog-wise.  Family medical issues have taken the forefront since June, and more recently I’ve been putting in a whole garden from scratch, with still more to do through next week. I guess I could have blogged more about those things but I really just have lacked both energy and focus to do so. I’m not even reading much.

Now that things are subsiding a bit, I’m feeling ready to reactivate the blog and particularly to focus on mimetic theory and Girardian ideas. Here’s what I’m thinking for upcoming weeks:

  • return to noting mob/group violence and scapegoating
  • begin a series noting ‘beyond rivalry’ moments in the news and blogosphere
  • post more Girardian quotes from books, online sources, wherever I find them
  • look at identity through Girardian and Buddhist lenses and post thoughts, news and quotes here
  • continue with aggregated links on various topics that interest me: neurology, psychology, sociology, consumption, simple living, life and death, reading, art, etc.
  • finish typing up notes from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran lectures I attended this summer
  • post more garden photos and narrative

More to come!


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