Simple Woman’s Daybook

Outside my window… the day is starting to heat up (72F with 73% humidity) …

I am thinking… about crime fiction, religion/no-religion, friends’ lives, blogging, Afghanistan and Pakistan, identity/self, etc.

I am thankful for… a good veterinarian and effective meds, friends, books, T’s continuing recovery

From the kitchen… tortellini salad sits in the fridge, as usual this summer.

I am wearing… brown skort, sleeveless red top with design on it

I am creating… gardens! (still)

I am going… to get back to blogging soon! i think

I am reading … just finished Nevada Barr’s Borderline and Camilla Lackberg’s The Ice Princess; about to start the third in the Stieg Larsson trilogy (Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest)

I am hoping… T’s recovery continues and the cancer doesn’t show up anywhere else; Anthem will pay for the radiation treatment; Jane is feeling supported and loved even as she feels bereft and vastly alone at times …

I am hearing… spouse talking to himself, fluctuations in the computer whirring, a clock ticking

Around the house… it’s already 73F in here … going to be hot. The gardens are still the focus, with the fence scheduled to be installed later this week and the plants arriving early next week.  I’ve enjoyed sitting on the patio and reading lately.

One of my favorite things: plants.

A few plans for the rest of the week: taking spouse to PT in a few minutes, appealing Anthem denial of benefits for radiation, other paperwork and housework.  The last 10 days were busy, with a weekend away w/X in Boston, PT and VNA here for their last times, a two-day trip to Bath for a funeral and to see friends, trip to the vet with the dog on Sunday, 6-hour trip to the nursery and doing other errands in town on Saturday. And next week will be busy with planting!

Here is a picture thought I am sharing…

dog and disk, JI, Sept. 2008

(Lots of other women write these, too: The Simple Woman’s Daybook)


One thought on “Simple Woman’s Daybook

  1. I like your picture. That dog can sure jump. I will pray for your husband. I pray the insurance will pay for all his needs. Have a great week. Doylene

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