New series: Living Beyond Rivalry

The first in a series of sightings of ‘beyond rivalry’ moments in real life: averting and avoiding envy, jealousy, revenge, retribution, tit for tat, kneejerk reaction, scapegoating, holy wars, striving against, and other forms of violence.


This blog posting about the grocery check-out line, at All That To Say, relates a simple event: a man offering a smile, patience, abiding and kind words in a situation that often leads to impatience, frustration, anger, blame and shame.  “I was willing to wait.”


3 thoughts on “New series: Living Beyond Rivalry

  1. Dear M–I’m looking forward to this series very much. What I know of Girard I’ve learned from your many thought-provoking posts over several years. They have helped me so much on my private spiritual journey.

  2. Only if you can easily do so! I’ll enjoy any posts you do, but definitely don’t mean to apply any pressure…that’s no fun!

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