Living Beyond Rivalry series

Sightings of ‘beyond rivalry’ moments in real life: averting and avoiding envy, jealousy, revenge, retribution, tit for tat, kneejerk reaction, scapegoating, holy wars, striving against, and other forms of violence.


The musical duo Heart — made up of sisters Ann and Nancy Wilson — was interviewed by Scott Simon on NPR’s Weekend Edition Saturday today. Two things struck me:  first, their lack of sibling rivalry (overtly in the first clip, implicitly in the second clip in Nancy’s heartfelt response to Ann’s answer), and second, their awareness of the defining role of other people’s assessment and observation.


Clip 1 (starts at 7:42)

Q: What’s the secret of sisters working together, getting along so well together, for so long?

Ann responds: “Between Nancy and I, it’s not a competition, That’s all there is to it, really. We’re not competing with each other for fame, or for, you know, our mother’s attention, or for anything like that. I think our friendship may even trump our sisterhood.”

Nancy: “Yeah, it’s true.”

Clip 2 (starts at 8:25)

Q: Is it hard to grow up and grow even older in rock?

Ann responds: “Its tricky. … You’re working in a field that is incredibly unforgiving. The only way that I can deal with it inside my own self, is try to let go of all the concern about what’s this person gonna think, what’s that person gonna think,  oh, what if they say this about me that’s negative because I’m aging. I gotta let go of that. I’ve gotta keep my eye on the ball, that’s in the music, and on who I am and letting my soul sing out, no matter what age. That’s the only way I know of to be in this business and be semi-comfortable.”

Nancy comments, “That’s good. That’s right.”


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